Where to sleep?

 Lodges, guesthouses, camping or a combination

Accommodation Namibia Fish River Lodge

Comfort and service in the wild

Namibia offers a large number of different accommodations. Whether it is budget guesthouses, bigger hotels and lodges or campsites in the middle of nature.  Makasa takes the view that your accommodations are just as important as the safari itself. That is why we make sure that any of the accommodation we book for you is of excellent standard. Imagine watching the sun set over the breathtaking landscape, or chatting by the fire al fresco, under the stars. These memories will last you a lifetime. At night, you will sleep like a baby, and if you don’t, you can listen to the orchestra of the wilderness. Can you hear the elephants, the lions or the hyenas?
Accommodation Namibia Fish River Lodge

Hotels and lodges

The hotels and lodges are located at a permanent site and come at a wide range of price. There are budget guesthouses or hotels and luxury lodges, designed to offer you maximum comfort. For a while, you will feel like the king of Africa! Some hotels even take luxury to the extreme, running a hot tub full of bubbles and having it ready and waiting for you when you return from a game drive, the path to it sprinkled with rose petals. If you are looking to indulge yourself with a very special treat, these hotels are perfect for you. And if you are spoilt for choice and find it hard to choose, you can simply decide to opt for a mix of camping, tented camps, lodges, and hotels. Every visitor will find the right accommodation for a perfect vacation.
Accommodation Namibia Camping Rooftop


Camping is very popular in Namibia and a great way to connect with nature. There are hundreds of campsites all over the country. Some of the campsites are truly unique and offer an incredible experience in some of the most beautiful places. Good facilities are quite important. Some campsites have restaurants while at others you will have to cook yourself. We will help you with the equipment. You can choose for roof- or ground tents, a fridge, table, chairs, bedding, BBQ grid, pots and pans, cutlery and kitchen equipment. If you don’t feel like camping every day you can mix it up with staying in hotels and lodges.

What do we look for when selecting your accommodation?

Accommodation options in Namibia

Our own experience

Our local partner inspected and paid extensive visits to all of the accommodations that we book. 
Accommodation options in Namibia


We only book accommodations in excellent locations.
Accommodation options in Namibia

Local community support

If you are interested in supporting the local community or local good causes, we will be happy to book accommodations for you that are involved in local projects or help to fund local initiatives. 
Accommodation options in Namibia

Value for money

Our primary focus is on service and comfort. That being said, we always make sure that the price is reasonable.
Excellent & unforgettable
We chose a nice mixture of Lodges and Tented Camps. All were equipped quite well; the service was amazing, and the food was also very good. We had amazing and truly unforgettable days thanks to Makasa.
Review the best of Namibia
Felix Evans
Amazing safari!
All the accommodation we stayed at was wonderful, especially the tented camp in the middle of the park- giraffes would roam right through the camp so you really felt like you were camping in the wilderness.
Review the best of Namibia
Sam Alle
Absolutely amazing
The accommodations...absolutely amazing! The places, the views, the rooms, the staff, the animals! The best! I loved everything and could not even expect more. If you are having any doubt if you should go, you absolutely should. 
Addie Henderson
Accommodations Namibia Shipwrecklodge

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After reading all the options, we can imagine that you would like to learn more about all that Makasa has to offer – or that you cannot see the wood for the trees. In both cases, we will be more than happy to help you out!